No word can describe…

My Saturday was one of those days that demanded 48 hours of work and offered only 8 hours to accomplish it. As in that old farm expression, I made like the plow horse. Lowered my head, grasp the bit between my teeth and pushed onward. By mid-afternoon, I felt as if some over-weight giant stood on my chest, my legs trembled, and if I’d have attached tambourines to the inside of my knees, it would have given rhythm a whole new meaning. My arms weakened to the point that half of what I lifted slipped from between my rubbery fingers. I leaned against the wall and took stock of what I had left to do. The result was overwhelming. “Father God,” I prayed, “please infuse some umption in my gumption, or I’ll no longer be able to function.”

As I was about to slide down the wall onto my butt and indulge in the world’s biggest pity party, my niece walked in. A shot of umption zapped my gumption, and in a couple hours we finished everything that needed doing. Now, rested and thinking back, I am so humbled. The God of heaven and earth heard the desperation in my blubbering jingle, and not only renewed my strength but sent me help. And that I struggle to wrap my head around. And…I am so thankful for my niece. For her compassion. Her willingness to help others. Her ability to see the sun through the clouds. To make me laugh when I want to cry. Thanx, Jenn. You’re the best, and I love you tons….then a wee bit more…


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