Coming out of Egypt by Angela Joseph

Coming out of Egypt is a story of survival that grips your attention from beginning to end. Sixteen year-old Marva wacked her father’s head to stop him from sexually assaulting her younger sister, but it did more than stop him. It killed him. Terrified, the girls dump him in the ocean. Being alone in the world, except for an elderly aunt, the girls struggle to exist. Marva takes a job as a mechanic helper and faces ridicule everyday. She enrolls June into another school and life begin to feel normal. A former teacher, Cicely, enters their lives and leads them Christ. Just when they think they’re finally on solid ground, the local police declare their father’s death a murder and all clues point to Marva, but she refuses to accept responsibility for her actions. She has a younger sister who needs her. Cicely starts dating the lead detective which rocks Marva’s world once again. Keeping her past in the past becomes a daily battle. She loves her teacher who has become a surrogate mother to her and June but she is terrified of the detective. Coming out of Egypt takes readers through these troubling times and into victory. I highly recommend this story.


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