Exciting News

I am so pleased to announce my new Christian Historical Novel, Beyond the Purple Sky is now available on Amazon in both kindle and hardcopy formats.

To follow his heart, Zerubbabel must deny his own people and his God.

Zerubbabel grew up with strangers in a stranger land. “Someday,” his Babylonian tutor told him, ‘you’ll be chief advisor to King Belshazzar.”

But Yahweh, the God of the Jews, had other plans for him. Plans that forbid him the love of his life. Plans that lead him through a maze of political intrigue, to survive a kingdom’s collapse. Plans that stretch his wisdom and abilities until he questions his own identity. Then he’s commanded to lead the Jews out of Babylonia, across an angry desert, to the land of their forefathers. A land that vomited out his ancestors because of their disobedience to Yahweh. From the rubble left behind, a temple must arise.


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